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Movies Showing 2012: The Expendables 2

With the "The Expendables" grossing up to US$ 103 million in the box office, the actor, producer and director of the film, Silvester Stallone is planning to make a sequel. Stallone is now creating the screenplay and if he delivers earlier this 2011, shooting might start this summer 2011 and the film might be released early in the year 2012.


All the original casts will be back (Silverster Stallone, Jason Stathan, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and others are expected to be back on this film. In addition is Jean-Claude Van Damme who is very much willing to be part of this second film. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also rumored to be part of this film, and if given much time, he can play a much longer role in this film unlike on the first film when he and Bruce Willis have a very short appearance.

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