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TITLE OF THE NEW SPIDER-MAN 2012: The Amazing Spider-Man

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Finally, Sony Pictures announced what will be the title of the new Spider-Man film staring Andrew Garfield that is expected to be shown in mid 2012. The title of this new remake of Marvel superhero, Spider-man will be "Amazing Spider-Man". Very amazing but not surprising since the word "Amazing" was really a part of the original title of Spider-man since it was first published in Marvel Comics. As you can see in this latest photo of Andrew Garfield wearing a full costume of Spider-Man, the web slinger is attached to his wrists as he pushes the buttons on his palm. In these latest film of Spider-man, Peter Parker (Garfield) will invent his own web slinger as how it really happened in the Spider-man comics written by Stan lee, unlike the Sam Raimi-Spider-man films where Spider-man got his "special power" of slinging webs than came inside his wrist, which doesn't follow story of Stan Lee's comics. (Let's see if Spider-Man will accidentally press and shoot these buttons since it is placed on his palms which is most likely to be pressed accidentally).

For some reason the makers of this film are all trying to really adopt the real story of Spider-Man comics that is why title is also the original title of Spider-Man Marvel Comics.

This new Amazing Spider-Man film is directed by Marc Webb and still based on the comic novel written by Stan Lee. 

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