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Die Hard 5: (Movie Showing 2012)

Tentative Title: Die Hard 24/7

Film Type: Action

About the film:
Die Hard 5 is the latest of the Die Hard film series that is expected to be released 2012 starring Bruce Willis as John McClane. The film is still under production and is set to start shooting late 2011. One of the confirmed location for shooting is Puerto Rico as 20th Century Fox offices confirmed it. There are rumors that the new sequel is being called “Die Hard 24/7″ and the villain will be and Gruber family member. For those who don’t remember, Alan Rickman played Hans Gruber in the first film, and Jeremy Irons played Simon Gruber, the brother of Hans, in the third. And this time it might be a sister of Simon and Hans.

Bruce Willis as John McClane

Noam Murro

Roderick Thorp (certain original characters)and Skip Woods (screenplay)

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