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Dream House (2011)

Dream House (Movie Showing September 2011)

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz teamed up in this mystery movie about a family who moved to their supposedly dream house but later found out that the last dwellers of such a house was brutally murdered. The movie is produced and directed by Jim Sheridan, written by David Loucka and scheduled for released on September 30, 2011 (US).

Daniel Craig as Will Attenton
Rachel Weisz as Libby Attenton
Naomi Watts as Ann Patterson
Marton Csokas as Jack Patterson
Claire Geare as Dee Dee Attenton
Taylor Geare as Trish Attenton
Rachel G. Fox as Chloe Patterson
Mark Wilson as Dennis Conklin
Jonathan Potts as Tony Ferguson
Lynne Griffin as Sadie
Elias Koteas as Hooded Man / Boyce
Gregory Smith as Artie
Chris Owens as Tom Barrion
Jane Alexander as Dr. Greeley
Sarah Gadon as Cindi
Marlee Otto as Zara
Joe Pingue as Martin
David Huband as Officer Nelson
James Collins as Police Officer

Director: Jim Sheridan

David Loucka

Jim Sheridan
James G. Robinson
David C. Robinson
Daniel Bobker
Ehren Kruger

Plot: (Official plot released by Universal Pictures)
Some say that all houses have memories. For one man, his home is the place he would kill to forget. A family unknowingly moves into a home where several grisly murders were committed...only to find themselves the killer's next target. Successful publisher Will Atenton (Craig) quit a job in New York City to relocate his wife, Libby (Weisz), and two girls to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her children. And the entire city believes it was at the hands of the husband who survived. When Will investigates the tragedy, his only lead comes from Ann Paterson (Watts), a neighbor who was close to the family that died. As Will and Ann piece together the disturbing puzzle, they discover that the story of the last man to leave Will's dream house will be just as horrifying to the one who came next.


March 1, 2010:  Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz on the set of "Dream House" at Oakville, Ontario. A house was build for filming the movie at a park. This is the first shooting day of Naomi Watts.

On the right picture, Daniel Craig in a business attire making his way in the snow. This shot is taken February 21 at Toronto, Canada. It was a sunny day, so the film maker had to set up a snow machine to make a winter effect.

Daniel Craig and girlfriend, film producer Satsuki Mitchell, leave the film set of his new film, Dream House in Tampa, Florida. The 41-year-old actor will star opposite Naomi Watts in the forthcoming film. Dream House, which tells the story of a family that moves into a new house, only to learn that the last residents of the home were victims of a horrific crime, is expected to hit the big screen in 2011.

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