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Jack and Jill (Movies Showing November 2011)

Jack and Jill (Showing November 2011)

Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler - Hollywood Movies to WatchFilm Type: Comedy

About the film:
Jack & Jill, initially titled The Weird Personality, is a comedy-film that stars Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes and Al Pacino. It was originally written by Ben Zook, and Steve Koren, and then rewritten by Robert Smigel, who is a veteran comedy writer and a frequent Sandler collaborator. The film is directed by Dennis Dugan under the production of Happy Madison. The released of the film is set at November 11, 2011. And it will be distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Adam Sandler as Jack/Jill
Katie Holmes as Mrs. Murry
Chandra Wilson
Al Pacino as Himself
Dana Carvey

Dan Patrick
Linda Cohn
Eugenio Derbez
Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler - Hollywood Movies to WatchValerie Mahaffey
Santiago Segura
Regis Philbin
Shaquille O'Neal
Fatimah Hassan as a nurse
Yvette Rachelle as Raquel
Nicole Abramson as Advertising Executive
Peter Chudyba as Cruise Waiter
Gianna Gomez as Gianna
Ken Lally as Audric
Johnny Depp (special guest star)

Dennis Dugan

Ben Zook
Steve Koren
Robert Smigel

Todd Garner
Adam Sandler
Jack Giarraputo
Jack and Jill starring Adam Sandler - Hollywood Movies to Watch
(Based on one of the Adam Sandler's interviewed about this film, he was asked what will be the story of Jack and Jill, and here was his response...)

"In Jack and Jill I play me, I play my twin sister. The man version of me is doing okay, he has a family out in L.A.; the twin-sister-version of me lives out in the Bronx and comes out to L.A. for Thanksgiving and then refuses to leave and is spoiling the man version of [me’s] family life a little bit."

If it is from Happy Madison then it must be funny! And much more, if it stars Adam Sandler, then it must be funnier. Well, we've seen Adam Sandler's played different roles and this time he will play not only one character but two characters. Since the film is about a twin brother and sister, then he will be playing male and female characters. Just seeing Adam Sandler in dress is already hilarious, what more when watching this film.

There are lots of stars cast in this film like Katie Holmes, Al Pacino, Shaquille O'Neal with special guest appearance of Johnny Depp.


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